The Top Three Benefits of Owning a Condo

February 26, 2020 by Joe Grunnet

At DRG, we live and breath urban real estate. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and passion for the condo and loft market in Minneapolis. And we understand that moving from a single-family home to a condo can come with a lot of questions from potential buyers. If you’ve been thinking you might want to be a part of the urban lifestyle of downtown Minneapolis, here are our top three benefits of owning a condo.



1. Walkability

Imagine this: You wake up on a Saturday morning, step out the front door of your building, and walk around the corner to grab a quick coffee. Then you stroll over to the local farmers’ market and pick up some fresh ingredients for dinner. In the evening, you walk to your favorite hotspot for a cocktail with friends. All this without fighting traffic, struggling with parking, or even leaving your neighborhood.


Living in Minneapolis is all about embracing the lifestyle it has to offer. If you’ve dreamed about having the best of the city at your fingertips, then owning a condo is an ideal choice.


2. HOAs

One big benefit of owning a condo is working with an HOA or Homeowner’s Association. The HOA handles many items on the homeowner’s behalf such as general maintenance, utilities, and amenities in the building. If you have an active lifestyle, condos with an HOA are a great option. The HOA does the work you don’t have time to do, and you get to enjoy the very best Minneapolis has to offer.


HOA fees can sometimes be confusing to first-time buyers, but don’t let that hold you back. If you compare the fees to the general maintenance of a single-family home, including things like lawn care, snow removal and trash, you quickly realize the costs are comparable.


3. Amenities

Minneapolis condos and lofts offer some of the best amenities the Twin Cities has to offer. From state-of-the-art pools to rooftop patios to exercise centers, condo buildings have so many ways to enhance your city lifestyle. HOA fees also help cover the cost of upkeep on these perks, so you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time worrying about maintenance.


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