Three Most Popular Apartments by Production

March 27, 2020 by Paul Begich

The Coronavirus has given me quite the opportunity to work “ON” my business as opposed to “IN” my business. That, and I’m trying to NOT watch Tiger King for a third straight time… 

Below is a list of the three most popular apartments from 2019 based on how many individuals I placed in those properties. Note, that when I’m helping people find a rental I am NOT partial to any particular properties – I show ALL rentals around Minneapolis. I take pride in hearing out my clients needs and wants and then finding a space that makes the most sense for them based on those needs.

So here they are… the three most popular apartment rentals based on the number of clients placed throughout 2019.

3) HQ Apartments

Coming in at number three on the list is HQ Apartments! HQ is in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) in Minneapolis. HQ Apartments was extremely popular for those that wanted close proximity to the skyway (one block away) and wanted to be able to walk to their place of work with ease. Another reason HQ Apartments was high on the list was because throughout much of the year they were offering very compelling specials at the property – enticing people to rent!


2) Else Warehouse

At number two we have Else Warehouse! Else is hands down one of the COOLEST buildings in Minneapolis! If you haven’t seen their main rotunda you HAVE to check out this video here! If you’re looking for a relaxed property management company, a lofted styled look and feel, all in the heart of the North Loop – then look no further, Else Warehouse is the place for you!


1) Ironclad Apartments

No surprise here that one of the newest fully amenitized apartments in Minneapolis comes in at number #1 on the list of most tenants placed – in fact, it wasn’t even close. I suppose that’s the case when you have a brand new building come to market and the cost per square foot is WAY BETTER than all of the other fully amenitized apartments (365 Nicollet, Nic on Fifth, Rafter, Nordhaus, etc.). Ironclad is uniquely situated between Elliot Park and the Mill District – which gives its tenants all the walkability offered by Gold Medal Park while still keeping people close enough to the skyway and their place of work.


As always if you’d like to connect more regarding the state of the Minneapolis rental market feel free to shoot me a call, text, email, or DM.

Paul Begich




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