The New Condos in Town

October 25, 2019 by Joe Grunnet

Explore Sable and TMBR North Loop, the North Loop’s newest condos

We have some new kids on the block: Sable MPLS and TMBR North Loop. These two new construction condominiums are the first to be built in the North Loop in the last decade. With Sable having its first closings just this week, it is Minneapolis’ first owner occupied condominium building that allows short-term rentals. TMBR also is setting itself apart by being the North Loop’s first mass timber residences.

So, what would drive developers to settle on North Loop for these unique properties? The North Loop has consistently been the fastest growing neighborhood in Minneapolis for the last decade. With residents flocking to get their own piece of the North Loop, restaurants and shop owners are also looking to get in on the action. This mass interest has led to the revitalization of this once sparse neighborhood.

While many lofts and condos in the North Loop are conversions, both Sable and TMBR are new construction, tailored to the needs and wants of the community and its residents. Let’s dive in to learn more about these two new buildings:

Sable in Minneapolis

Sable MPLS

As mentioned above, Sable is one of the only condos in Minnesota that’s specifically designed for short-term rentals. Now open, Sable will allow owners to enjoy the best downtown lifestyle the North Loop has to offer or use their property as a unique investment opportunity.

Located in Minneapolis’s reinvigorated North Loop neighborhood, Sable puts residents at the center of it all:

  • The city’s best art venues
  • Downtown culture
  • Local sports and entertainment
  • Delicious dining
  • Exciting nightlife
  • And more!

And this new residential building is only a short commute to downtown’s career-making business district. Here, you’ll find a lifestyle of relaxed refinement that’s both intimate and engaging.

TMBR in Minneapolis

TMBR North Loop

TMBR is Minneapolis’ first mass timber residence, located in the North Loop district. A mixed use 7,500 square foot retail and 79-unit boutique-style Minneapolis condo. TMBR features an exposed mass timber frame that stores carbon from being released into the atmosphere. This 10-story, 66 unit condominium will focus on high-quality materials that are sustainable and local – natural wood, white concrete and modern finishes of bright, clean architectural design.

Their mission is to use mass timber to create Minneapolis’ first sustainable luxury residences where neither you nor the planet has to sacrifice anything. TMBR allows residents to experience the luxury of a boutique condominium, with the pride and knowledge that they are choosing a property where developers were focused on sustainability and the impacts that a building has on the surrounding environment.

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about Sable or to reserve your unit at TMBR, please reach out to our sales team. Our passionate agents are ready to help you find your own space in the North Loop to call home.

You can also visit the Sable MPLS and TMBR North Loop websites to few photos, floor plans, learn about amenities and more!

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