Construction in North Loop Neighborhood

North Loop Neighborhood Construction Updates

June 28, 2019 by Joe Grunnet

Anyone who lives in Minnesota knows the saying, “We only have two seasons: winter and road construction!” And if you work or live downtown, you know that this year construction is impacting all of us! So, when is this expected to end and what benefits will we see?

While there are many projects happening throughout downtown Minneapolis, let’s focus on the improvements coming to the North Loop!

North Loop Construction Projects

North Loop Paving Project

This expansive paving project that took place earlier this summer spans across nearly .8 miles of street in the North Loop, covering portions of 3rd St N, 5th Ave N, 7th Ave N, 8th Ave N, and 9th Ave N. The reconstruction project will include ramps, pavement, new sidewalks, curb and gutter enhancements, and utility improvements. The massive project is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2020 and will also include new signage, signal improvements, and new pavement markings.


While many of these projects focus on making roads better for drivers, there are also plans in place to enhance pedestrian safety. There are 16 locations throughout the North Loop that will have its curbs extended onto the streets, so pedestrians can get a better vantage point around parked cars and be most visible to approaching drivers.
Map of North Loop District

Most of these curb extensions, or bump-outs, will be along 1st St and 2nd St between 1st Ave and 10th Ave. Scheduled to be completed by this fall, the project also includes replacing traffic signals at 2nd St and 10th Ave with new countdown timers for pedestrians.

Additional Projects for the North Loop Neighborhood

In addition to the streets, the North Loop is set to welcome its newest commercial building, The Nordic, to the downtown neighborhood this Fall with commercial tenants already taking up shop inside. In addition to the commercial spaces, The Nordic will also include restaurants, a golf simulator, and an outdoor plaza.

The North Loop Association has also announced a new park to be built on the surface parking lot along 3rd St. Construction for the proposed tree-lined park is estimated to begin in 2020, as long as the developers can raise about $2.4 million.

One thing is for sure; after all this construction is complete, the North Loop will be one of the best places to buy or rent a Minneapolis condo or commercial building!

To stay in the loop about North Loop and downtown Minneapolis construction, be sure to visit the Minneapolis Public Works website for construction updates.

Minneapolis Real Estate Agents

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