Laura Mays

December 6, 2018 by Maggie Kobele

Seventeen years ago, Laura Mays decided to make the move to Downtown Minneapolis. One marriage and three kids later, she doesn’t have any regrets about her decision. I had the opportunity to discuss the high and low points of living in The North Loop with Laura so she could share her story with our clients.

Laura always knew she wanted to live downtown. When she started looking to buy 12 years ago, she in fact looked at both St. Paul and Minneapolis. Admittedly, Laura did not use DRG for her home search, instead took a more hands on approach of looking for condos primarily on her own. She looked at every possible condo; purchasing in the 710 Lofts in The North Loop.

Six years after purchasing her dream condo. Laura gave birth to their first child, Asher. During those six years, Laura saw people around her moving to the suburbs, either to have kids or because they already had them. And while she might have given it a thought or two, Laura and her husband, Daniel, decided it was the right decision for them to raise their family downtown. This is where her journey with DRG begins.

DRG has been a part of The North Loop community for 11 years. Laura and her family were introduced to DRG through a variety of community events: the playground ribbon cutting and meeting Santa Claus at the DRG office, just to name a few.

When it’s too cold to be outside, they ride bikes in the large underground partially heated condo garage.

It wasn’t only community events, like the ones hosted by DRG, that helped keep Laura firmly planted in Downtown. Laura became even more social once her first child was born. Not being limited by cars, Laura was able to walk down the street with her stroller and pass by neighbors and friends. Her children have even befriended the staff at local favorites such as Cuzzy’s, Black Sheep Pizza and The Freehouse. The Fulton Tap room even has a special stash of candy for her son, Asher, who has a peanut allergy.
Don’t get us wrong. A lot of people look at Laura and her family and think that it is crazy to raise a family with three kids in a two-bedroom loft with no doors in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis. Well, Laura thinks that if there is a will, there is a way (even if that means storing your stroller in the bathtub)! And while the city presents its challenges, it also has so many benefits.

Bedtime bottles for the kids, beers for the parents. At Fulton Tap Room.

First of all, living in Downtown Minneapolis means you are central to everything. Also, the area allows for a close sense of community and opportunity to really get to know your neighbors. And on top of that, you can walk pretty much anywhere! Laura and her family are proof of that! Up until last year, they were a one car family with her husband being able to bike to work. The park and even area of grass in between buildings is the perfect place to have a family picnic!


At the end of the day, living downtown is a lifestyle. And we argue it can be a lifestyle for anyone, no matter if you’re single or married, have a family of two or a family of five! The city is what you make of it and the Mays family has done a pretty great job of making the city their home.

So, are you ready to explore downtown and see what #CityLiving is all about? DRG is happy to help when you are ready to make the move. Whether that is today or five years from now.

Laura and Daniel Mays, parents of Asher (7), Annika (4), Trygg (4) and dog Macallan live in The North Loop. Laura works Downtown Minneapolis at Oracle NetSuite and Daniel is an owner of Stinson Wine Beer and Spirits in Northeast. Interests include craft beer and spirits as well as urban gardening – check out their container garden and rain barrel on their condo patio. 


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