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October 22, 2020 by DRG

Northeast, the birthplace of Minneapolis, is referred to by locals as “Nordeast”. This thriving neighborhood is best known for its art galleries, studios, and bustling cultural scene. Originally, Northeast utilized the river and falls to generate the power to run the flour mills, including those owned by Pillsbury. Some of those historic buildings, including the Pillsbury A Mill, still stand today and are a reminder of the city’s past.

About Northeast Minneapolis
Welcome to Northeast Minneapolis, or as locals call it “Nordeast;’ the first established neighborhood in Minneapolis. There is rich history embedded in every store, restaurant, and cobblestone along the historic St. Anthony Main Street.
When the sun sets, city goers enjoy watching a movie at the historic Stone Arch Theatre or swinging by the Aster Café, where you can always count on catching amazing local musicians.

Located just across the river from Downtown Minneapolis, Northeast’s history and culture make it a popular living destination for those who love living the urban lifestyle. Its proximity to the river, trails, and parks are only the start of what makes this area so great. It’s also home to many shops, restaurants, nightlife, and retail venues with many establishments located right along E Hennepin Ave and St. Anthony main.

Throughout the years, Northeast Minneapolis has seen a tremendous amount of growth. Being the first established neighborhood in Minneapolis, there has been plenty of room to evolve and grow. For decades, people continue coming back to the constantly changing yet classic neighborhood.

Many residents flock to Northeast to find Minneapolis condos and lofts located close to the Mississippi River. With riverfront views and easy access to landmarks, such as the Stone Arch Bridge, it’s not surprising this area is one of the most popular in Minneapolis.

Northeast Minneapolis Real Estate
Northeast Minneapolis has a growing real estate market. This year alone they have seen 549 new listings, with an average sales price of $289,768. With only 28 average days on the market before selling, these homes, with an average price per squarer foot of $197, move fast!

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