Golden puppy on dog leash with owner in downtown Minneapolis

Top 3 Dog-Friendly Minneapolis Apartments

March 20, 2019 by Paul Begich

I make it a point that EVERY time I see a dog on the street, I stop for a solid pet session! Who’s with me?!

I grew up with a chocolate lab named Raleigh. She was the cutest puppy ever, but she was also such a sh#t-head! I’m sure most dog owners can relate when I say that, sometimes, I wish she would just CHILL OUT!

But as proud pet owners, we come to love our pets as members of the household, no matter what. They’re an extension of the family and deserve care and companionship. This means giving them a great home and an awesome downtown area to explore.

To help you find the perfect apartment space to share with your furry friend, here’s a list of my favorites!

Top Three Dog-Friendly Apartments/Condos in Minneapolis

# 3 Junction Flats

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly apartment in the Minneapolis North Loop District, look no further than Junction Flats. Located just two blocks from Washington Avenue, this incredible apartment building grants you access to all the best North Loop restaurants and nightlife. And if you love the downtown brewery scene, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best breweries in the area, such as Inbound, Fulton, 12 Ciders, and First Draft!

man petting dog in Minneapolis neighborhood

But what makes Junction Flats so dog friendly?

First, their entire building and branding is centered around this cool, funky colorful animal theme. It sounds weird, but I promise it’s dope! The halls are filled with paintings of dressed up animals wearing hats and what not.

Second, there’s an enclosed dog run along the ENTIRE back-side of the property—meaning the largest enclosed dog run in the North Loop is right in your backyard! This area is perfect for dog owners to play around without having to travel miles to dedicated spaces.


#2 The Legacy

The Legacy, the newest condo project in the Mill District, began selling units in 2018. And we’re now seeing a large number of units closing in 2019. But don’t worry, if you’re not in the market to purchase, you can also rent units!

The reason The Legacy is number two on my list of top dog-friendly apartments in Minneapolis is because of its on-site pet amenities and location!

At The Legacy, not only do you have a designated dog run, but you also have a pet grooming room for all your pet ‘s pampering needs! The Legacy is also in the heart of the Mill District, right across from Gold Medal Park, which makes morning walks through the park are as easily as crossing the street!

P.S. This one is for you pet owners; if you rent at The Legacy, you don’t have to pay a monthly “pet rent” fee! Score!


#1 Nordhaus

Nordhaus has EVERYTHING! I literally don’t even know where to start with this rental property.

How about the fact that they have not one…not two…but THREE on-site dog runs. The first is located on the outside portion of the third-floor amenity deck, and the second is an inside dog run nestled in the tower portion of the property. Finally, the third is actually inside the six-story building. Yes, inside, so when it’s crazy Minnesota cold, you don’t have to go outside to let your pup do the business.

Nordhaus offers a doggy grooming area, as well, and an available streamlined dog walking service. If Northeast Minneapolis is your preferred neighborhood, and you’ve got a dog at your side, Nordhaus is the place to live!

Before I go, here’s a few “pet-friendly” honorable mentions you’ll also want to check out:

Did your favorite downtown Minneapolis apartments make the list? If not, let us know which buildings, you’d choose! And if you and your faithful companion are interested in living an exciting urban lifestyle, contact Downtown Resource Group today! I, along with our other DRG agents, will help you find the perfect downtown neighborhood to call home.


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