JJ Elingson

JJ Ellingson

Loan officer

NMLS # 315676



JJ is a veteran of the lending industry—and the U.S. Army. He developed his attention to detail through his experience in the military and later as a manufacturing quality control professional. From owner-occupied ratios to the fiscal health of a building project, JJ is able to guide his clients through financing and other components critical to obtaining a mortgage in today’s market.

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Alex Gripp

Alex Gripp

Loan officer

NMLS # 2096888



Alex has 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and a passion for making the complex simple. His goal is to show his clients that a mortgage is more than a rate and closing costs, but a strategy to build long-term wealth. As a real estate investor himself, he knows how to help clients navigate the complexities of financing options so they can feel confident and empowered in a competitive market.

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