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Director of Business Development

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Patrick has worked in sales/client services with companies specifically in the urban market throughout his nearly fifteen years in Minneapolis. These years of experience have given him intimate knowledge of the heart of the city, invaluable contacts throughout the business world, and a great understanding of the downtown market.  At the inception of DRG, Patrick joined Joe Grunnet as the Director of Leasing Services.  As Patrick approaches his ninth year with DRG, his focus remains on the continued growth of the extremely successful Leasing Division of DRG, which has enjoyed a dominant market share in the downtown urban condo and loft leasing market.   Patrick has also been keenly involved in DRG’s recent entry into the apartment lease up business.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Patrick’s specialties include working with investor clients, and matching high end/one of a kind properties with customers who oftentimes require a high level of professionalism, discretion and expertise. Patrick is tireless, dedicated and evenhanded in his efforts to ensure all parties are part of a fair deal. Matching the most appealing properties with the most particular clientele is what Patrick does best!

Patrick and his wife Deborah reside in the St. Anthony Main neighborhood, where they are happily raising their beautiful six month old  daughter Sydney.

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