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Rental Management Services


Managing a rental takes time and energy.

It doesn’t have to be yours. We can take care of it all, or just enough. Paperwork, licensing, tax forms, rent collections, phone calls, repairs… Done!Contact Us

Management Packages

“Show Me the Money!”

Cost:$25 per month
We can automatically, electronically draft monthly rent from your resident’s checking, savings, or brokerage account, or collect rent via drop-off or mail. When funds are received, we can deposit them directly to an account of your choosing. In case of late payments, we will pursue both rent and late fees on your behalf.

“Almost ‘everything’ management . . .”

Cost:$75 per month

“Funds Management!” and:

  • Document Storage: Lease, license, guarantees, pre- and post-walkthrough inspection checklists, property pictures for insurance, maintenance and repair invoices (if we’re provided originals or copies), copies of CRPs, and all legal documents regarding Unlawful Detainers, should that process be necessary.
  • Pre- and post-lease walkthroughs, photographically and manually documenting the physical condition of the property for use in reconciling Security Deposit refunds.
  • Quarterly walkthroughs to ensure the property is being maintained: Furnace filters changed (if provided), smoke detectors tested, condition checked against pre-lease inspection and any changes documented.
    We will be listed with the city as Resident Property Manager, a requirement for non-8-county area residents.
  • License management (filing, updates).*
  • Year-end Certificates of Rent Paid (CRPs) issued on your behalf.
  • Should the process become necessary, we will manage the eviction process, using our attorneys or one of your choosing.*
  • Physical maintenance (repairs, for example) is not managed under Administrative management.

*License fees, filing fees, and legal charges are not included.

Complete Management

Cost:$100 per month

Funds, Administrative, AND Maintenance Management.*  ‘From the sheetrock in’ maintenance of the physical space:

  • Emergency maintenance – no midnight phone calls!
  • Handyman services.
  • Lockouts.
  • Changeovers (paint, carpet, maintenance and cleaning to prepare to market or re-lease the property)
  • Trade services (plumbing, electrical, HVAC)

*All services are contracted and managed; labor and material costs are not included.

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