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I have never been a fan of this Hallmark created holiday called Valentine’s Day. It is not because I never have a boyfriend to spend it with or because I never get sent flowers or heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates. It is because I do not see myself as the romantic type of gal. I have always been the hardcore athletic type of gal who sports Nike long-sleeved pullovers with jeans and super low-heel pointed stilettos. And you probably cannot even call them stilettos because the heel is no taller than a half inch.

As a single lady in the city, I strive on being my own person who creates myself through my passions. Because I am not a fan of this red and pink holiday, I do not sulk but rather embrace this holiday and view it as an opportunity to create more singledom traditions. I like to call them “pink singledom traditions” only because I like the color pink and find pink to display my girly side seeing most people I know rarely see that side of me. This year some of my pink singledom traditions include baking my homemade festive frosted red and pink heart shaped sugar cookies as well as making my own valentines to send out to family and friends.

These pink singledom traditions of mine embody the love I have for the simple things in life. Delivering plates of heart shaped goodness and handmade cards to family and friends is a way of showing my love and appreciation for these relationships. I will always embrace my pink singledom traditions because they truly make me proud. With that being said, being single during this red and pink holiday is just plain fabulous. Instead of cherishing this Hallmark created holiday with an invisible boyfriend otherwise known as staying home making dinner for one, gather your single ladies and head out for a night on the town or spend the night in cooking with those you cherish most.

To all the single ladies in the city, Valentine’s Day may be another coupledom holiday but why not make it a singledom holiday carrying out new pink traditions of your very own. So gather your ladies, uncork a bottle or two of wine and enjoy this heart filled holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my single ladies!

Let me know how you feel about being a single lady in the twin cities below.

Lindsay Conrad
OLSON Interactive Coordinator
Sports Enthusiast & Runner
Proud Single Lady!

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